Our labor policy

As a company open to innovations, we are the leaders of the "Labor" market in the application of both technical and theoretical knowledge, keeping up with the ever-developing technologies. For "Sham-Fi", "man" is the main resource that drives other known activities. The company, which embraces its employees with the principle of "winning together", attaches great importance to internal training of employees who will perform leading positions. For this reason, the company creates conditions for employees to develop their personal and professional abilities in their chosen fields with internal training.


Employees of "Sham-Fi" LLC are provided by the company with the necessary working conditions that meet the standards of the day, so that they can be more successful in their work, as they are perceived as managers of the tasks they perform.

An orientation program is implemented by the Human Resources Department for those who have just joined the "Sham-Fi" family. Our goal in implementing the orientation program is to ensure that our new employees do not feel like strangers in the company, feel like a member of the family, and feel satisfied with their work from the day they start working.

Our labor policy

Our company is constantly working to find the most suitable candidates who can succeed with their skills and personal qualities in the conditions of the rapidly developing labor market and in the increasingly competitive environment and include them in the "Sham-Fi" family.


Candidates who want to cooperate with us can apply for open vacancies from the application section on our website. Applications for open vacancies are reviewed by the recruitment specialists of the Human Resources Department and presented to the department heads, and candidates who are considered suitable are invited to interviews. Candidates who successfully complete the recruitment period are finally offered a job through the Human Resources Department.

The salaries, privileges and additional payments of our employees working in our company are determined according to the defined salary and labor evaluation systems according to the performed duties. Our employees are offered a fair compensation and benefits package that is competitive with the current labor market. Assigned benefits, additional payments are constantly improved according to the needs of employees and today's requirements.