"Sham-Fi" LLC was established in 2004.

With the activities of our experienced team, our main goal is to present quality products to consumers, taking into account people's health.

Sham - Fİ Our strength is together

Love, justice and respect are our priority values.

"Sham-Fi" LLC was established in 2004

Love, justice and respect are our priority values. The existence of these three concepts in business life reflects our activity in our relations with consumers, employees, and partners, and we see being loyal to all our partners and employees as our main goal.

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"Mənim çörəyim" contest

On October 20, on the occasion of the World Bread Day, a "Bread Competition" was held at the MidTown Baku hotel, organized by the "Azeri Home Chefs" group and sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Sham-Fi and Aznar.


Apple pie with SuperFresh Milföy

What do you need? How to do?


A memorandum on cooperation with "STEP IT Academy" was signed

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between Sham-Fi, an international distributor of food products, and STEP IT Academy.


Sham-Fi Football Cup 2019 has started

Today started Sham-Fi Football Cup 2019 dedicated to 15th anniversary of the establishment of Sham-Fi International Trading Company.


Pasta Salat with Pickle juice

What do you need for a delicious and simple pasta salad? So, we introduce you to the recipe mentioned below.


Broccoli Soup with Le Blue Cheese



Buy a Ticket, Get Free Juice - Angry Birds Movie 2

We are going to start a new campaign with one of the biggest cinema companies in Azerbaijan, CinemaPlus. On September 8 you will get a chance to get free ''Angry Birds'' juice when you buy a ticket for "Angry Birds Movie 2" in the cinema.


Turkish Coffee with Cezve

It only takes two minutes to prepare Turkish Coffee. Mehmet Efendi’s original finely ground Turkish Coffee is traditionally prepared in a “cezve”, a small long-handled pot.


Cheesecake with Pınar Beyaz cheese



To school with Pınar Kido!

Dear parents! We have a colorful proposal for the new school year for our little friends.


The world's most famous ice cream brand is now in Baku

Haagen-Dazs ice cream, one of the most famous brands in the world, is already sold in almost most supermarkets of our city.


Sevimli кампания стартовала!

#SevimliKampaniya has started in most large supermarket chains of Baku city!


Employees of "Bravo" visited MPro's plant

On August 2, Bravo supermarket chain's milk category manager Ali Alakbarov and deputy manager Fidan Gadirova, as well as "Sham-Fi" LLC chain store manager Eldar Heydarov and regional manager Kanan Mammadov have been at the "Milk-Pro" LLC plant located in Hovsan.


The Sham-Fi collective celebrated the International Children's Day

On the occasion of "International Children's Day" on June 1, Sham-Fi LLC organized the holiday party for children without parental care and in need of special care


Taste and buy with gift

A tasting campaign is being held in the branches of "Superfresh", a well-known brand in the frozen food production of Turkey, of the "Megastore" market chain, located near Hazi Aslanov metro station and in Ganjlik avenue (Bakikhanov)


"Morozko" pancakes were tasted

In the category of frozen food, a tasting campaign of Russian-made "Morozko" products, which are preferred by consumers both in the foreign and domestic markets, was carried out in "Bravo" chain stores


A series of tasting promotions from "Sevimli Dad"

Since the first days of October, Sevimli Dad, which has been holding tasting campaigns in various chain markets of the capital both in connection with the 27th anniversary of its operation and with the aim of presenting products directly to consumers, met with consumers again between October 15-21 in the "Azerbaijani Products Week" campaign held in the "Bravo" Supermarket chain


"Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi" met with its consumers

From October 26 to 30, Turkey's famous Turkish coffee brand "Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi" had a tasting event in 3 large supermarket chains located in Baku


"1 Gift for 1 Buyer" from "Sevimli Dad"

In connection with the 27th anniversary of "Sevimli Dad", a Gift Company is held for our customers on October 21 - October 31 in all chain markets of Baku.

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